Set of Plans for Remodeling or Construction Plans processing , documents, Forms for traders department.

When you order a Construction Set for a selected New Construction Plans or Remodeling Plans, the following documents are included:

Take off :  information and measures everything on the house and its new ideas for remodeling or new construction
Site plan: The site plan is a wide footprint of the house to help determine how to place the home on site.


The index lists the order of the included drawings, with page numbers for easy reference. 
Fence , patio shed  , pool , concrete, pavement, driwawey, carport, terrace, screen enclosure, garage enclosure and new addition and more


Demolition plan: At this level it represents the home or work area as exists and what is going to remodel, complete or partial demolition
Floor plan: This section drawings and detailed descriptions of all items to be included on each floor of the house as has been recommended by the client, the outer footprint of the house, size of the walls, openings and interior rooms are offered are carefully dimensioned. Important features are observed including built-in furniture, fixed furniture, niches, fireplaces, water heater, washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, Fixtures. All doors and windows are identified. Normally this section also includes information cuadrados.desniveles feet, location of the panel and electric meter, located a / c cu, location and dimensions of hurricane shutters, water ingress and location of the septic tank or sewer line


Elevation: The elevations are drawings showing how the finished home will be. 
EXTERIOR ELEVATION : is the front, sides and rear of the house, exterior materials, details and heights shown.


INTERIOR ELEVATION   - These elevations show the specific details and design of the kitchen, bathrooms, utility rooms, fireplaces and other special interior features (SEE floor plan for more details). Interior Elevations vary depending on the complexity of the house.
Sections :(and apply) In this section the court of the house shown in important and necessary points to highlight structurally according to the code of florida
Generals Details: specify something we need to highlight your project 
Electrical plan: Show any include florida building code for requerement (electrical panelelectric meter, outlets, light, fan, switch, exhaust fan, smoke detectors, carbon detector) of the present house and proposed an improved functionality, saving according to electrical energy and FBC.
Plumbing plan : a plan of the location of water lines and sanitary existing and proposed according to the design, details of connections and fixtures suitable dimensions, notes generals needed the contractor work shown.
Mechanical plan Locations air conditioner ahu and cu, dimensions and location of pipelines and grill, insulation type and thickness.
Structure plan:foundation plan : Here we show details, dimensions, materials and proposals according Fondacion required by the code FBC .Planes Basement come with a design floor structure that can be included in this section or floor framing section, depending on the plan. (Real structural information must be obtained by a local licensed engineer for your specific location of the site.)
Roof plan : Here we show details, dimensions, reinforcement materials, position, slope, over hands, tie beam, joist, truss, anchors The overall design and details needed for the roof design are provided in this section. If frames are used, we suggest that you use a Local truss manufacturer to design their trusses to comply with local codes and regulations.
Structural calculations: here the necessary calculations represent the foundation, exterior wall, roof, according winds for FBC code works and is safe before natural disasters.
As-built letter: Here we specify as your house is built physically and future repairs are suggested.
Details: - This section covers all aspects and details to include in your home, in compliance with the requirements of local building code. The architectural and structural elements are detailed, including components of doors and windows, railings, balusters, wooden stairs and headers, interior walls, interior walls, concrete and shoes (if applicable).
Sections: This section shows cross sections of the outer wall of the roof down through the foundation. These wall sections specified building materials and construction of the house. They also show the number of floors, type of foundation and construction of paredes.Materiales ceiling insulation, floor structure, wall finishes and lifting heights are all shown and referenced.
And specify the connection to the existing house or union with another estrcuture
Structural Notes: information necessary for the contractor on site
Housing a basement or crawl space will have a floor structure plan of the first floor. Multi-storey houses have floor framing plans for upper floors too. The structure of the floor plans provide structural information such as the location of the bigueta, spacing and direction as well as the heights of floor and stair openings.


LIST OF MATERIALS   -To assist in pricing and the construction of a house, or remodeling, a materials list is included for free. This detailed list is a great resource to start your remodeling .Da construcción.o quantitative information on the costs for project according to her reading level.
GREEN SOLUTIONS GUIDE   -This guide is designed to help make decisions about the level of construcciónverde you want to apply in the construction of their new home


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Utility/Storage Sheds
A building permit is required for a new or replacement of utility or storage shed greater then 100 square feet.   ..
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